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Chemical Name:   2-Phenylethylisocyanate
CAS:   1943-82-4
EC:   413-080-0
Synonyms:   Phenethyl isocyanate
Molecular Formula:  


Structural Formula:   2-Phenylethylisocyanate
Molecular Weight:   147.18

colourless to yellowish translucent viscous liquid with pungent smell, lachrymatory



Quality values

Content (GC)   min. 99.0 %    
Each single impurity (GC)   max. 0.5 %    
Water - content   max. 0.1 %    
Colour   max. 150 APHA  


Polypropylene liquor drums with UN-Code a 200 kg.


Store in original tightly closed containers in a dry, cool and well-ventilated area. Thoroughly protect from atmospheric moisture.

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23/12/2022  |  Synthesia
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