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Custom Syntheses

Ilustrační obrázek zákaznické syntézy

The complex and sophisticated nature of current industrial production processes, combined with their diversity, require individually designed solutions which are tailored to the needs of specific customers. Synthesia, a.s., having gained ample experience in the area of special production processes for organic compounds, is capable of meeting even non-standard and specific requirements.

We are currently producing 24 products for European as well as US customers, while strictly respecting the agreed stipulations governing the protection of know-how; the respective production processes fall into the category of complex and sophisticated. The turnover of Synthesia, a.s. from sales in this segment is in excess of €12 million.

From your project to your synthesis:

  • Customer inquiry
  • Verification of available technology
    • A team of technologists studies whether our technology can meet the needs of the project
  • Exchange of information and data for the project
    • Confidentiality agreement
    • Any confidential information provided by a customer is classed as a trade secret
    • Submission of information required for synthesis, complete or partial production process
  • Laboratory research
    • Performed by the Research and Development department; in the case of extensive research work, laboratory research is performed by a specialized team of our subsidiary VUOS a.s.
  • Process and technology design and validation in pilot scale
  • Feasibility study
    • Feasibility study of the technical and economic aspects of the project, submission of a final project proposal
    • Long-term cooperation agreement
  • Implementation and optimization of production on a commercial scale
    • Continuous process of production efficiency improvement


Research and Development

  • Fast, safe and effective transition to commercial scale production
  • Development and optimization of existing processes
  • Optimizing the number of manufacturing steps and costs
  • Increasing the efficiency, yield and capacity of processes
  • Analytical services and support throughout the project
  • Close cooperation with the Synthesia subsidiary VUOS in promoting REACH registrations


Reaction Capabilities

Synthesia has many years of experience in the broad field of chemical production and has great production facilities potential which can be used for complicated synthesis such as nitration, hydrogenation and phosgenation, to name a few. Synthesia is the biggest producer of organic specialities in the Czech Republic, having been producing dyes, pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs for sixty years. Synthesia, as the owner of the largest Czech research institute involved in  research and development in the field of organic chemistry and toxicology, can capitalize on systematic and continuous R&D work.


Core Technologies




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