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Trade Name:   Akardite
Chemical Name:   3-Methyl-1,1-diphenylurea
CAS:   13114-72-2
EC:   236-039-7
Synonyms:   N´-Methyl-N,N-diphenylurea
Molecular Formula:  


Structural Formula:   Akardite
Molecular Weight:   226.27

white to off-white crystalline powder, odourless



Quality values

Visual appearance   white to off-white powder    
Melting point   170°C - 172 °C    
Humidity   max 0,1 %    
Ash   max. 0,1 %    
Chlorine content   max. 0,02 %    
pH   6,5 - 7,5    
Diphenylamine Content ( TCL )   max. 0,1%    
Particle Size 1,4 mm   100 %


Store in original tightly closed packings in dry areas protected from direct weather conditions (light, heat, frost, moisture).

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23/12/2022  |  Synthesia
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